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The mission of Mariawald Renewal Center is to provide nourishment, rest, and guidance for your life journey. Through our programs, spiritual direction, and maintaining an environment conducive to quiet reflection; we keep a candle burning to shine on your path. With open hearts and hands, we extend our warm hospitality to groups from all faith traditions.
It is our hope that all who spend time at Mariawald will be renewed in their experience of God’s abiding presence and great love. Cloaked in the natural beauty of nature, Mariawald offers a place of silent stillness where the healing presence and voice of love can be heard once again. Reconnecting with the source of love and life is the greatest need of the human heart. We are here to aid you in that reconnection!

Mariawald Renewal Center

Come and rest into calmness and peace at Mariawald and connect to your inner selves and the harmony of body, soul, and mind


Upcoming Programs

3. Love Lessons from the Women Mystics

Women Religious/Sisters and Lay Women’s Retreat, August 6 -August 13/2023 Arrival: 3-4:30pm; Departure: 2:00pm

Delve prayerfully into what it means to love God, ourselves and our neighbor, drawing from the writings of women saints and mystics, such as Julian of Norwich, Hildegaard of Bingen, Clare of Assisi, Catherine of Siena, Carmel’s two Teresa’s, and many others. Daily talks and silent prayer, as well as time for optional conversation, form the rhythm of this 7-day retreat in Mariawald’s peaceful and beautiful setting.
The retreat leader is Anita Wood. Anita is a spiritual director, living in Wernersville, PA and a teacher in the spiritual direction formation program at Fairfield University. Formerly on the staff of the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth in Wernersville, Anita also has many years of experience in adult religious education and in giving retreats. She has a Masters in Religious Education from Boston College and received a doctorate from Lancaster Theological Seminary, with a focus on exploring the spirituality of Teilhard de Chardin through a contemplative dialogue process. Anita is married, enjoys reading and writing, and plays piano in the Phoebe Two by Fours, a fun-loving piano quartet.
Cost: $550.00
To register call Mariawald Renewal Center at 610-777-0135 or email
Register before 7/30/2023

4. Growing Older Gracefully Weekend Retreat
September 8-10/2023

Diane Koopman said it best “Aging is inevitable, but to grow old gracefully is a choice.” Chittister points out that “Old age is not when we stop growing. It is exactly the time to grow in new ways. It is the period in which we set out to make sense of all the growing we have already done. It is the softening season when everything in us is meant to achieve its sweetest, richest, most unique self."
In the face of our physical diminishment and other daily challenges, time seems to be moving away from us; yet there is a need to make room and reconcile with the reality of time. Let us together explore, reflect, and discuss on the life’s journey of growing older and ponder on what God might be calling us to. 
About the Presenter:  Sister Ethelyn Tucker serves as a spiritual director, retreat leader.
Cost: $160 per person for shared room, $180/single room.

For information or to register:-
Tel. 610-777-0135 Email.
Register before 8/30/2023.

September 9, 2023

What role does nature play in shaping our spiritual life? Our interconnectedness with nature teaches us of God’s magnificent work and presence in all creation. Are you interested in deepening your spiritual connection with nature? Come and join us at Mariawald Renewal Center. Set in a wooded area with two large ponds, Mariawald offers an abundance of nature, wildlife, and walking trails. It provides a peaceful place of silent stillness to reconnect with the Source of love and life and deepen our spiritual connection with nature.
 Introduction to Nature Spirituality and the Theme of Interconnectedness 
 God’s Work and Presence in Nature
 Practical Ways of Encountering the Sacred in nature'

           About the Presenter: Sr. Jacinta Kioko is a Missionary Sister of the Precious Blood. She is currently the Program Director at Mariawald Renewal Center. 
          Her area of expertise is in Christian Theology and Spirituality. 
          Cost: $ 40
          For information or to register:-
          Tel. 610-777-0135 Email.
          Register before 8/30/2023.

       6. Advent Day of Prayer
       December 9, 2023

     7. Christmas Concert 
       December 10, 2023

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