Arts & Crafts Corner

Mariawald Renewal Center Arts & Crafts Corner 
features the work of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood 
and friends who believe in the sacredness of artmaking 
and care for God’s creation.
Our handmade arts and crafts are designed to nourish the body, mind and spirit,
while evoking the experience of retreat in your own home. 
Our arts and crafts are run by donation.

The art and craft corner is open on 

Monday to Friday: 6:30-8Pm
Saturday from 12:00PM-4:00PM
Arrangement can made for other time:
To arrange an in-person visit to art and craft corner,
 please contact Sr. Bernardine 
at or call 610-777-1624

Natural Resources
 Mariawald Renewal Center is surrounded by the serenity of nature,
  including cleared footpaths, private ponds, beautiful, wooded vistas, deer and many varieties of birds in their natural habitat. Outdoor benches and trails offer ample opportunity to embrace the wonders of nature
  • Mount Sinai
  • Ponds
  • Natural Trails
  • Prayer Camp
 Glass Bottle Center piece

Suggested donation
  • Single Bottle: $ 5
  • Single Jar: $ 5
  • Set of candle jars: $ 15
  • Set of Glass bottle: $ 20

African hand-woven place mat
suggested donation $5 for one piece 
African hand-woven teapot cozy &
 Place mat set 
suggestion donation $15 for a set
Pistachio Shell Craft
Suggested donation ($10-50)

Homemade Greeting cards for all seasons Suggested Donation $2.5
Bracelet Rosary
Suggested donation ($7-10)
Christmas ornaments 
suggested donation $2
Christmas ornaments suggested donation $2
Christmas bow
suggested donation $3-$7