Mariawald Renewal Center About

​      I. Policies

        Mariawald Renewal Center Guidelines 

     1. Mariawald Center is a No Smoking area. 

        This includes the interior of the retreat center and grounds, within 15 feet of the building. 
        We are situated in a wooded area prone to forest fires, so caution must be taken
        to avoid any possibility of a fire from discarded cigarette butts. 
        Barbecue and fire pits are prohibited. 
        The center does not allow the use of recreational or illegal drugs or substances on its premises. 
        We ask that strong perfumes, air fresheners, incense and scented candles are not used as some people are extremely sensitive
        or allergic to these smells. For this reason, we are unable to accommodate pets.

   2. Grounds and Premise

       1. Retreatants are encouraged to make use of the area for walks and for the enjoyment of nature.
       2. We have deer and small animals on the premises and a variety of birds and geese. 
           The flora in the wooded area is indigenous to Pennsylvania and each season brings its own beauty. 
       3. Precautions should be taken by individuals to avoid mosquito or tick bites. 
          Sometimes this area of Pennsylvania is known to have Lyme Disease. 
       4. The ponds are not suitable for swimming, fishing, or boating and they are not surrounded by fences.
           Retreatants walk closely to the water at their own risk.
       5. Minor children are considered to be solely under the care and responsibility of their family, 
           or legal caretakers while on the premises. 
       6. Due to the fire hazard to the woods surrounding us, the Fire Department has advised us not 
           to have fire pits or open flame cooking in the Mariawald area.
       7.  Please respect the privacy of demarcated areas around the convent

    3. Covid 19

Mariawald Renewal Center 
COVID-19 Safety Guidelines
Updated May 1, 2022

The health and safety of our sisters, retreatants, facilitators, and staff members are
 of the utmost importance to us at Mariawald Renewal Center. 
Therefore, we ask that all staff, guests and retreatants 
please comply with the guidelines below when coming to our Center. 

As the number of Omicron cases continues to decline, 
we have amended our COVID-19 protocols.  
Masks are recommended for the unvaccinated
 in the public spaces, meeting rooms and dining rooms. 
Masks may be removed in the dining room for eating and drinking 
and may be removed in individual bedrooms.

 We appreciate your understanding as we continue to monitor 
this situation carefully and adjust accordingly. 

​        II. Location 

​        Situated on the beautiful grounds of Precious Blood Convent, Mariawald Renewal Center offers contemplative spaces 
       and restful places for you to come to rest while pointed in God's direction. Just minutes from Lancaster Avenue in Shillington, Pennsylvania, 
       a turn into our tree-lined entrance promises a refreshing pause. Set in a wooded area with two large ponds there is an abundance of nature,
       wildlife, and walking trails to serve as a backdrop for your peaceful retreat.
       III. History 
    Mariawald (Mary of the Woods) is named after a Trappist Abbey in Germany. At this Abbey, Abbot Francis Pfanner, founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, 
     began the spiritual pilgrimage of his religious life. Mariawald was built in 1977 as a guest house. Because the convent grounds lent itself well for spiritual retreats, 
     more and more groups sought to use the facility and enjoy the peace and quiet found here. Soon Mariawald turned into a Renewal Center
     where thousands of people come yearly for retreat. While very grateful for all the familiar faces that continue to come year after year for retreat,
     we are also excited about the many new people who express such enthusiasm when they discover Mariawald for the very first time.

         IV CPS

     The Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, CPS (the abbreviation CPS stands for Congregatio Pretiosi Sanguinis in Latin), are an international congregation of women
     founded by the Trappist Abbot Francis Pfanner in Mariannhill, near Durban, South Africa, on the 8th of September 1885.With the title Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood,
     our founder wanted us totally committed to the service of Christ’s redeeming love, to make the Precious Blood of Christ fruitful for all

                     WIFI Access: WIFI is available throughout the retreat center. 


Mariawald Renewal Center is the ministry of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, an international congregation of women, whose mission is to live the Paschal Mystery and to witness to the redeeming love of Christ. 

Mariawald Renewal Center