Mariawald (Mary of the Woods) is named after a Trappist abbey in Germany. At this abbey, Abbot Francis Pfanner, founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, began the spiritual pilrimage of his religious life. Mariawald was built in 1977 as a guest house. Because the convent grounds lent itself well for spiritual retreats, more and more groups sought to use the facility and enjoy the peace and quiet found here. Soon Mariawald turned into a Renewal Center where thousands of people come yearly for retreat. While very grateful for all the familiar faces that continue to come year after year for retreat, we are also excited about the many new people who express such enthusiasm when they discover Mariawald for the very first time.

About Us ::

Mariawald Renewal Center


Situated on the beautiful grounds of Precious Blood Convent, Mariawald Renewal Center offers contemplative spaces and restful places for you to come to rest while pointed in God's direction. Just minutes from Lancaster Avenue in Reading, Pennsylvania, a turn into our tree-lined drive promises a refreshing pause. Set in a wooded area with two large ponds there is an abundance of nature, wildlife, and walking trails to serve as a backdrop for your peaceful retreat.

  Give yourself the gift of time...
 time to leave the hectice pace 
 of constant doing
 to reconnect with the joy 
 of simply being.

  Silence, stillness and solitude
 provide the opportunity to be in touch
  with the deeper level of purpose we are
    called to as Human "Beings"
 in order that we might be more
         effective Human "Doers."
A poem by W. H.Davies entitled Leisure queries,
"What is this life if, full of care,
we have not time to stand and stare?"